DAVID SHEPHERED producer and director of the first improvisational theatre in America, COMPASS Cabaret,
founded in Chicago in 1955.

SHELLY BERMAN one of the first COMPASS members to leave a career in NYC to join COMPASS. On its stage
he perfected his telephone monologs that later made him famous on TV and comedy recordings. Most recently appeared
in Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0066098/

ED ASNER acted with Playwrights Theatre Club. Went on to star in TV and films, most recently “UP”. Played Lou Grant
on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and starred in Lou Grant. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000799/

SHELDON PATINKIN is the former chair of the Theater Department of Columbia College Chicago, Artistic
Directorof the Getz Theater of Columbia College, Artistic Consultant of The Second City and ofSteppenwolf Theatre
and Co-Director of the Steppenwolf Theatre Summer Ensemble Workshops. Member of Playwrights Theatre Club.

ANDREW DUNCAN played straight man at both COMPASS and Second City. He watched the development of the cast
into what he called “Cultural Bandits”. He then went on to act in theatre and performed character roles in such films as “Slapshot.”

MARK GORDON came from a conventional stage background in NYC, joined COMPASS with his wife Bobbi.
Together, they provided both surreal execution and solid realism in their performances. Mark appeared in the Woody Allen film
“Take The Money and Run” and on the Mary Tyler Moore TV Show as Chuckles the Clown.

SUZANNE "HONEY" SHEPHERED joined the Hyannis COMPASS company in 1963, playing at the
Yachtsman Motel with Alan Alda, Ron Weyand and Dianna Sands. She coached Alda in character development. Teaches Theatre
at NYU and is a director of plays by Athol Fugard. She has appeared in 32 films . Played Henry Hill’s mother-in-law in "Goodfellas"
and Tony Soprano’s mother-in-law in the "Sopranos".

CHARLES JACOBS was Paul Sills’ roommate at The University of Chicago. He was also the business
manager and third partner of David Shepherd and Paul Sills.

ABNER MIKVA former U.S. Representative, federal judge and law professor, white house council from 1994-1995.
Advised Mike Nichols and Elaine May regarding satirical material about Senator Joseph McCarthy from a legal point of view.

LEO STODOLSKY Director Emeritus of the Max Planck Institute, in Germany. Played in a satire about free enterprise,
performed at The University of Chicago.

BERNIE SAHLINS founder and producer of Second City. Second City absorbed he talents of COMPASS.

JOSEPHINE FORSBERG Producer of theatre companies, children’s theatre and training programs.
First teacher at Second City.

LARRY ARRICK Director of COMPASS. Yale Theatre professor. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0037278/

ROLF FORSBERG Director of Playwrights Theatre Club. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0286809/

RICHARD ORLIKOFF Lawyer for Playwrights Theatre Club, the group from which COMPASS evolved.

JEFFERY SWEET is an American writer, journalist, songwriter and theatre historian. Sweet's father was the late
James Sweet, a science writer for the University of Chicago who aided Supreme Court chief justice Earl Warren in drafting
two anti-McCarthy speeches; his mother is violinist Vivian Sweet. Sweet has been a playwright, screenwriter, lyricist, critic,
journalist, teacher, theatre historian, and sometime songwriter and director.

JANET COLEMAN wrote the book, Compass: Historical Survey of the History of Compass. 1955-1963.

JANE MATHERS writer, Hyde Park historian.

LEAH ROCHAL actress in plays with Shelley Berman

JONATHAN PITTS director of Chicago Improv Festival.

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